August 2016

The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet

This show is a special presentation of the first chapter of my book The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet. Jennifer Drake Ford narrates this chapter. I wrote this fictional book with much help from Jim Crear back in 2006. The book is a demonstration of how the ill effects of the five deadly sins have on executing a project. The book was developed from series of Standish workshops on the five deadly sins of project management. From these workshops and the creation of this book we later developed research on the emotional maturity of teams in the execution of software projects. We have developed 50 attributes needed for a healthy emotional mature project environment as outlined in the Emotional Maturity Research Report.

Currently; we are having a summer sale for The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet and the Emotional Maturity Research Report.  This special sale also includes 3 other titles: The Dead President’s Guide to Project Management, My Life is Failure, and Executive Sponsor Research Report.  You can purchase the book at LuLu.

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Jennifer Drake Ford

Jennifer Drake Ford is a voiceover artist



Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson is the founder and chairman of The Standish Group. He has been professionally involved in the computer industry for over 40 years and has a long list of published books, papers, articles and speeches. He has a combination of technical, marketing, and research achievements focused on mission-critical applications and technology. He is best known for his research on project performance and early recognizing technology trends. Jim is a pioneer of modern research techniques and continues to advance in the research industry through case-based analytical technology.


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