Jim Kneeland

Jim Kneeland is currently the Executive Program Director for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, RMV Division, responsible for a $100+ million dollar innovation effort to rewrite all the applications at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. An MBA and PMP, Jim is also a certified and warranted federal contract officer and taught IT at Northeastern University for over 20 years. As CIO for the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the early nineties he implemented a number of state-of-the art IT solutions which included the credit card style license.


M2M of IoT

CHAOS Tuesday #97 is titled “M2M of IoT”.  Our special guest for this show is Richard Mark Soley.  Richard will provide his thoughts on machine to machine protocals for the Internet of Things. Richard talks about the test beds work for the Industrial Internet Consoltium. PM2GO.com contribution is from Albert Soule on overloading the executive sponsor with too much information.… Read more

Strategic Project Office

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #18: Most project management offices (PMO) breakdown into two categories: process control and education.  Very few PMOs are strategic to the business. In this broadcast we have the CHAOS Team and Jim Kneeland, Executive Program Director for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, RMV Division discuss the features and benefits of a Strategic Project Office. While working… Read more

The Good PM

CHAOS Tuesday #94 is titled “The Good PM”.  Our special guest for this show is Jim Kneeland. Mr. Kneeland will provide his opinion of what makes a good project manager. Our PM2GO.com contribution is by Jon M Quigley on tools & transparency. Dan Ward supplies the CHAOS Cameo on innovation. In this show we explore: What makes a good PM Tools &… Read more

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