Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith is the CIO for George Mason University. Ms. Smith was the former Head of Information Services and Technology at MIT. She also worked at The Hanover Insurance Group and Liberty Mutual Group, and is a graduate of Babson College.


Customer Councils

CHAOS Tuesday #67: is titled “Customer Councils”.  The first segment of this show Ellen Hancock provides a discussion on the merits and uses of Customer Councils. Ellen shows us how she used customer Councils at IBM Network Systems. Mrs. Hancock worked at IBM for almost 30 years rising to the level of president and general manager of IBM’s Communication Products… Read more

Dealing with Abstinence

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – Show 6: Dealing with Abstinence. In our sixth show, the CHAOS team and our special guest, Marilyn Smith, Head of Information Services and Technology at MIT, discuss how to deal with reluctant users,stakeholders, executive sponsors and peers refraining from participating and contributing to the project. “Nonparticipation” is withdrawing from the activities of the project and… Read more

Normalized Systems

CHAOS Tuesday #101 is titled “Normalized Systems”.  Our special guest for this show is Hans Mulder.  Hans Mulder provides us with an overview of Normalized Systems and some of it’s benefits. He also outlines the value of Normalized Systems. contribution is from Kirby Wadsworth and his thoughts on venture capitalists. Marilyn Smith supplies the CHAOS Cameo on her thoughts… Read more

Servant Leadership

CHAOS Tuesday #72: is titled “Servant Leadership”. Servant leadership is defined as the skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically toward goals identified as being for the common good. Our guests on our first segment are Gene Bounds, president of Bounds Associates, Marilyn Smith, the CIO for George Mason University. Dan Horsey, a senior information technology executive. They will discuss with… Read more

Shit Detector

CHAOS Tuesday #69: is titled “Shit Detector”.  The first segment of this show we discuss with Lon Allan the benefits of a “Shit Detector” and how to use it in business and projects.  Lon will discuss some of the interesting history behind the shit detector. Lon Allan is dedicated to educating corporate directors of public, private, venture-backed and non-profit entities.  In… Read more

Trustworthy Vendors

CHAOS Tuesday #58: is titled “Trustworthy Vendors”.  We have two panels debating the issue of Trustworthy Vendors. On our first panel is my co-host Jim Crear. Our three guests are Michael Blanford, Bill Niemi, and Robert Cline.  Our second panel is made up of Marilyn Smith, Dan Horsey and Gene Bounds. A trustworthy vendor is an organization that you can… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 4

CHAOS Tuesday #41 is the fourth part of our series on why large projects fail.  Our special guests are Marilyn Smith and Gene Bounds.  Marilyn Smith is the CIO for George Mason University.  Gene Bounds is the CEO of Bounds Associates.  One of the major highlights of this show is the comments on the inspiring executive sponsor. How this type of executive… Read more

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