Bill Reidway

Bill Reidway is Vice President of Product Management for Carrier Services at Neustar. Bill is responsible for new product concept and development, cross-functional and strategic account management, and corporate growth initiatives. Bill also worked in product management for Nextel, Step 9 and American Management Systems.


Why Large Projects Fail Part 3

CHAOS Tuesday #40 is the third part of our series on why large projects fail. Our special guest is Dick LeFave. Dick LeFave is an experienced Telecom CIO. This show highlights the experiences Dick had during the first NPAC projects and other large projects. Dick encourages the need for continuous Innovation in the telecom industry and how NPAC is a platform for Innovation.… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 5

CHAOS Tuesday #42: is the fifth part of our series on why large projects fail. Hans Mulder, Patrick Thibodeau and Frans Verstreken are our special guests.  The group discusses common traits of large project failures from their experiences.  Lost opportunities and motivations from large project failures. We hear about Examples of large project failures. In this program we explore: Common traits of… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 6

CHAOS Tuesday #43: is the sixth part of our series on why large projects fail. Bill Niemi and Robert Cline are our special guests. Both Bill and Robert are CHAOS University Alumni. The pair discusses the challenges of implementing a solution into a diverse set of constituents. The pair also talks about how a large project can stifle innovation. In this… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 7

CHAOS Tuesday #44: Our special guests are Bob Kelley and Michael Blanford.  Bob and Michael focused on what is in it for the users and the organizations.  Making decision based on firms dates and cost controls. Preserving the user experience during a major transition, Both Bob and Michael related projects similar to a new NPAC. In this program we explore: What is… Read more

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