Mark Bregman

Mark Bregman is the CTO for Neustar. Mark has worked in the Tech industry for 20 years. He has managed technology research, semicondutor R&D and manufacturing, Unix systems development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and various software businesses.


On Fire: Part 1: Only Count What Counts

CHAOS Tuesday 46: Air Force LT. Col, Dan Ward is our special guest for the On Fire series. This program series focuses on issues brought forth in his new book “FIRE: Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant. This show called “On Fire: Only Count What Counts” presents an overview of Dan and his book.  A highlight  is on only counting what counts. In… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 8

CHAOS Tuesday #45: is the eighth part of our series on why large projects fail. Ellen Hancock is our special guest. Ellen and Jim discuss common traits of project failure.  A highlight of the show is the discussion on measuring a portfolio of projects and products rather than individual projects.  Ellen talks about some of the events at IBM, Rolm, Apple and Exodus.… Read more

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